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side view of EQE Sedan with sunset

EQE Sedan

Starting MSRP: $74,900
Electric range: 305 mi1
Acceleration: 6.2 sec 0-60 mph2
Battery capacity: 90.6 kWh

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EQE SUV in front of a house


Starting MSRP: $77,900
Electric range: 279mi1
Acceleration: 3.4s sec2
Battery capacity: 90.7 kWh

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side view of EQS Sedan with blue background

EQS Sedan

Starting MSRP: $104,400
Electric range: 350 mi1
Acceleration: 5.9 sec 0-60 mph2
Battery capacity: 108.4 kWh

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Side view of a EQS SUV


Starting MSRP: $104,400
Electric range: 305 mi1
Acceleration: 6.5 sec 0-60 mph2
Battery capacity: 108.4 kWh

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EQB SUV in front of a building


Starting MSRP: $52,750
Electric range: 245mi1
Acceleration: 8.0 sec2
Battery capacity: 70.5 kWh

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person plugging in their car

Charging at Home

Charge up conveniently at home with the ChargePoint Home Flex installed by Qmerit. This gives you a fresh charge at the start of your day, just like your smart phone.3

car being charged

Charging On-The-Go

From shopping centers and workplaces to parking garages and service areas along the highway, discover how easy it is to plug into the electric future.

Find a charging station


All-Electric Powertrain

The Mercedes-Benz all-electric platform, powered with renewable energy, advances the way we move.

MBUX Hyperscreen Dashboard

MBUX Hyperscreen

Unveiling the next chapter of interaction between vehicle and driver comes the available MBUX Hyperscreen.

EQS Sedan in the dark

Over-The-Air Updates

Activate completely new vehicle functions with over-the-air updates via your user profile.

An evolution of electric luxury.

Pouring over a century of our knowledge into electric mobility, we’re transforming the driving experience, delivering the luxury and performance you expect from Mercedes-Benz.

Women sitting in EQ charing phone

Service & Maintenance

Battery upkeep is easy and typically requires fewer scheduled maintenance visits. Owning an all-electric Mercedes-Benz means you get complementary comprehensive coverage with your first scheduled maintenance at 2 years or 20,000 miles.

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Electric Vehicle FAQS

There are over 65,000 charging stations throughout the United States, with more being added practically every day. The best way to find them is with Mercedes me Charge, our charging ecosystem. Mercedes me Charge integrates multiple charging networks into one, giving you more freedom and flexibility. You can view all available places to charge in the Mercedes me Connect app or even in the headunit of your Mercedes-EQ vehicle.
Yes, but it's worth noting that a standard household outlet is a 110V outlet which is far less powerful than a 240V outlet, which is typically found with dryers or can be installed by a licensed electrician. The good news is that having a 240V charging station installed in your home is easy. The ChargePoint Home Flex is the wallbox we’d recommend. Please go to their website to purchase one. In addition, we recommend using Qmerit for installation.
Charging sessions can be initiated in multiple ways. First, your dealer will make sure your vehicle is activated with Mercedes me Charge. Upon activation, your vehicle will be ready to initiate charging sessions with Plug & Charge, activation through the RFID card, or remote activation through the MMC app, or remote activation through the vehicle’s navigation system. Electrify America stations support Plug & Charge, which is the most convenient and secure way to initiate charging sessions. Simply plug in the activated vehicle and charging will begin automatically. For more information about this and other methods, please visit
Every Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle has specific features to ensure safe charging. Instead of the electricity flowing as soon as it's plugged in, like a traditional appliance, the vehicle and wallbox converse to make sure it's safe before any electricity flows. Special attention has also been paid to make sure you can safely charge in wet weather.
You might have heard of three levels of charging electric vehicles: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 DC fast charging. Here's what they mean:
  • Level 1 charging: This is charging that takes place on a typical electric outlet.
  • Level 2 charging: This level of charging utilizes a wallbox that’s connected to a 240-volt outlet. Away from home, most public charging stations are Level 2. Some are free, while others require a paid membership. This is the most common type of charging for electric vehicles.
  • Level 3 DC Fast Charging: This is the fastest kind of charging currently available, with a growing number of stations available publicly. The amount of electricity they require, and cost of installation, makes them impractical for home use. DC Fast Charging can also be found along highways, making long road trips possible for EVs.
Performance improves with EVs because power jumps to your wheels instantly with no lag time when you step on the accelerator. You get more torque with a smoother ride because no gear shift can shake during idling.
  1. EPA estimated driving range with a fully charged battery. Driving range may vary based on model, terrain, temperature, driving style, optional equipment, use of vehicle features, and other factors.
  2. Stated rates of acceleration are based upon manufacturer’s track results and may vary depending on model, environmental and road surface conditions, driving style, elevation and vehicle load.
  3. Level 2 charger not included standard with EQS purchase.

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