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A Letter from Vlad & Demetri – European Delivery Customers

“Hello Herbert,

We just got back to States after amazing trip to Europe.   It was my fourth European Delivery, but first one with Mercedes-Benz. I can definitely say that Mercedes-Benz European Delivery is quite different than others.  It’s more elegant and sophisticated compared to BMW and Porsche.  So we went to the Mercedes-Benz Museum on Sunday the 23rd – it was great a “dive” into the history of Mercedes-Benz and understanding how important that company was and still is for the automotive industry.

On Monday our car was presented to us not in the usual area. They took us to the backyard of the delivery building and it was very personal experience.

My son and I had a great dinner at the Daimler restaurant and after taking a few pictures at the entrance of the delivery center we started driving to Holland because we wanted to visit the grave of my grandfather. He was Dutch and lived in Roermond.

We stayed overnight at a hotel in Maastricht, Netherlands and on the morning of June 25th we left Holland and in 17 hours we were at the the Adriatic Coast – Rovenij, Croatia.  It was our new European Delivery record because this time we crossed 11 countries in less than 24 hours.

Every time we were crossing the border we took a picture of the car next to the sign.  I am attaching all of the here and the map of our Cabrio Grand Tour across Europe.

And of course the C43 AMG was a perfect car for such a trip.  It’s sporty enough to get excited driving, especially with the top down driving at night on the mountain roads in the Italian Alps and it is insanely entertaining to listen to the sound of the sport exhaust driving inside Austrian and Swiss tunnels.

At the same time with roof down, the car feels very quiet and stable on German autobahn at the 150 kilometers per hour.

We were told not to drive faster than that during first 1500 kilometers. However, in Croatia where they still don’t have speed cameras we drove at the top limit of 212 kilometers per hour (132 miles per hour).  It feels like the car can definitely be driven faster and still be stable and safe.

Overall I think C43 AMG  is a unique combination of sportiness and comfort and in the case of a Cabriolet it is elegant as well.

Yes, sure I am looking forward to picking up my car at Paramus, however, I know for sure that the best miles were already made on that car. Here in New York area we don’t have such beautiful scenic roads as we drove in Europe.

I do remember how long it took you to find that last allocation of the 2019 model so we can have such an amazing trip this summer.  You are truly as professional as those people who are building the best automobiles in the world!!

I definitely want to have another European Delivery with Mercedes-Benz! We need to beat our record again and cross 12 countries or even more.

Thank you very much Herbert for helping me have lifelong memories and moments with my son.

I hope that European Delivery always will be in our family tradition for generations :-)”


  • Vlad and Demetri Yarosh

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